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Entriega de San Lorenzo

by Lucero, Filomeno


Bernalillo, New Mexico. This entriega sings to the old and new sponsors taking charge of the ceremonies connected with the feast of San Lorenzo, patron saint of Bernalillo, New Mexico. The feast takes place on August 10 and the celebration lasts all day, with the dance of the "matachines" and the "entriega de San Lorenzo." Duplicates item 25.19. Quality: Good/Fair. PLEASE NOTE: This should be 11 of 11 songs on audiofile.


The Rubén Cobos Collection of Spanish New Mexican Folklore is a sound archive containing over 2000 pieces, including ballads, poems, prayers, nursery rhymes, riddles, proverbs, stories, personal narratives, songs, instrumental music, and descriptions of social customs, ritual practices, and children's games. The recordings were made between 1944 and 1974 in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Researchers may find it useful to use the published catalog of the music collection, "Music in the Rubén Cobos Collection of Spanish New Mexican Folklore", edited by Victoria Lindsay Levine and Amanda Chace, available in the Colorado College library and several other U.S. libraries.

In 2005, Colorado College received a grant from the Colorado Digitization Project to digitize the music in the Cobos Collection.

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