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Video Profiles of Alumni

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    Alumni profiles

    Montage of alumni profiles: Andrew Fahlund (CC class of 1991), Phil Swan (CC class of 1984), Ray and Cathy Kawano (CC class of 1971), Bill Campbell (CC class of 1967), Seth Kassels (CC class of 2001), Linda Segar (CC class of 1967), Gabi Prochaska (CC class of 1986) and Scott Desmarais (CC class of 1986).

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    Andrew Fahlund

    Andrew Fahlund (CC class of 1991), Senior Vice President for Conservation with American Rivers, talks about Colorado College, liberal arts education and critical thinking.

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    Bill Campbell

    Bill Campbell (CC class of 1967), Executive Director of the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline, and member of the Colorado College Board of Trustees, talks about Colorado College, developing critical thinking and the value of liberal arts education.

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    Bob Hendee

    Dr. Bob Hendee (CC class of 1950) talks about his 50th reunion, how his education at "superb" Colorado College taught him to analyze, how to make decisions.

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    Cynthia Lowen

    Cynthia Lowen (CC class of 2001) discusses not only what she learned at Colorado College, but how she learned, as critical to her career path as documentary filmmaker.

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    Hank and Joyce Ornelas

    Hank (CC class of 1950) and Joyce Ornelas (CC class of 1951) reflect on happy memories from Colorado College.

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    Jane Leighty-Justin

    Jane Leighty-Justin (CC class of 1970) discusses the role of Colorado College in promoting critical thinking and community service, particularly in the commitment to foster an ongoing sense of responsibility to give back to one's community as its trustee.

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    Karen Pope

    Karen Pope (CC class of 1970 and alumni trustee) discusses her experience with and benefit from Colorado College's reputation.

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    Ken Salazar

    Ken Salazar (CC class of 1977), U.S. Secretary of the Interior, former Colorado Attorney General, and former U.S. Senator from Colorado, discusses the influence of Colorado College on his educational foundation, including politics of the world, public service and leadership.

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    Linda Segar

    Linda Segar (CC class of 1967), writer and script consultant business owner, talks about Colorado College and liberal arts education as a foundation for future advanced degrees and her own professional journey.

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    Lucinda Lewis

    Lucinda Lewis (CC class of 1987) shares a favorite memory at Colorado College: she was the only student in a class.

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    Marcia McNutt

    Marcia McNutt (CC class of 1974), Director of the U.S. Geological Survey, discusses her experience at Colorado College including caring faculty, intellectual foundation for further study and career, and guidance by faculty into the emerging field of geophysics.

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    Maren Elliot

    Maren Elliot (CC class of 2001), human resources, marketing and sales director for an interactive agency, talks about the diverse fields of study and pursuit of developing unique career paths among her Colorado College classmates.

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    Mark Shadle

    Mark Shadle (CC class of 1971), Professor of English and Writing at Eastern Oregon University, discusses the benefits and opportunities for study made possible by the Block Plan, as well as the intersection of social and intellectual life at Colorado College.

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    Meg Mathias

    Dr. Meg Mathias (CC class of 1957), Alumni Representative to the Colorado College Board of Trustees, talks about Colorado College, reunions and the leadership of Colorado College President Celeste and faculty.

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    Phil Swan

    Phil Swan (CC class of 1984), investment manager, reflects on the value of his Colorado College education and his subsequent role as trustee and alumnus.

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    Ray and Cathy Kawano

    Ray and Cathy Kawano (CC class of 1971), real estate entrepreneur and educator, respectively, discuss the value of a Colorado College education, emphasizing writing proficiency and preparedness, both as students of Colorado College and subsequently as parents of Colorado College alumni.

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    Scott Desmarais and Gabi Prochaska

    Scott Desmarais and Gabi Prochaska (CC class of 1986), international private sector consultant and public health professional, respectively, discuss the broad scope of skills and worldview developed at Colorado College, providing foundations for advanced degrees and varied work endeavors.

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    Seth Kassels

    Seth Kassels (CC class of 2001) discusses his continuing friendship with his professor and adviser and how his senior project at Colorado College directly led to his current work building and designing solar powered products.

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    Shane Burns and Katy Garton

    Shane Burns, Colorado College professor of physics, and Katy Garton, documentary filmmaker (CC class of 2001) talk about collaborative work in physics with Nobel Prize winner Saul Perlmutter leading to the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe, and the depth of understanding of sciences that liberal arts eduction can promote.

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    So Yong Park

    So Yong Park (CC class of 1987) talks about alumni allegiance to Colorado College, particularly the closeness of student relationships to professors.

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    Steve Vela

    Steve Vela (CC class of 1986), business owner and investment adviser, discusses how liberal arts education at Colorado College broadened and deepened his interests.

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    Susan Freeland

    Susan Freeland (CC class of 1967), real estate agent, talks about the versatility of a liberal arts degree.

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    Susie Romano

    Susie Romano (CC class of 1990) talks about varied Colorado College experiences: variety participation in student activities, class experiences, professors, and her ongoing involvement at CC.