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Staying ahead of today's economy : the six essential aptitudes for successful entrepreneurs in tomorrow's business world

by Kanipe, J. Tristan


In today's economy, the failure rates of new companies are astronomical. In 2007 there were about twenty-eight thousand businesses that closed. In 2008, about forty-two thousand closed, and that number only continues to grow. With only twenty-nine percent of new businesses start ups succeeding beyond the first ten years, there is little question that the business world is in the midst of a major transition. The economic theorist and bestselling author, Daniel Pink, has developed a six-part theory to cope with this change. His theory contains six essential aptitudes, which will allow one to excel during this transformational time. Pink describes this movement as a transition from the Information Age, which values logical and linear thinking, to the Conceptual Age, which values inventive, empathetic, and big-picture thinking. This study is an empirical investigation of the simultaneous presence of the six essential aptitudes in ten entrepreneurs, five in product-based industries and five in service-based industries. The results suggest that the transition from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age although well underway, is not yet complete.


Bibliography : pages 74-78.

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