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The role of media and AIDS knowledge in eradicating the HIV/AIDS epidemic in India

by Agarwal, Smriti


This paper aims to understand the AIDS concern in India by analyzing two different relations. The first model studies the effect of media sources such as newspapers, radios and television on AIDS-related knowledge among Indian men and women using a twostage hurdle model. The second model looks at the effect of AIDS-related knowledge on the sexual behavior of Indians using the Probit analysis. Both these relationships hint towards the possible problems faced by AIDS campaigns and government programs in combating the HIV epidemic in India. The effect of media in promoting AIDS education, even though statistically significant, is minimal. Moreover, the effect of AIDS knowledge on sexual behavior is very disturbing. Women have insignificant control over their sexual behavior despite their improved knowledge levels. Moreover, men's behavior is barely influenced by their knowledge levels. Thus, increasing AIDS knowledge among Indians is only one of the several crucial steps in controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic. However, the success of AIDS campaigns and other programs also depend on factors such as improved education levels, better job conditions, enhanced livelihood, and additional resources for the country's healthcare.


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