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Summer 2012

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    From teacher to student by Ferris, Melissa Terra

    The research and studies of a third grade classroom using Constructivism. The past two years have been spent facilitating students' learning through the use of inquiry in science, math, reading and writing. The various lessons I learned in the process focused on student learning. Student needs, such as think time and emotional safety, were of particular import. Over the course of my masters, I adapted and used tools such as concept maps and formative assessments to identify student knowledge and gaps in learning. By the end of my degree program I had acquired new insights on the use of tangible manipulatives and their importance in a grade three classroom and have supported other teachers in my building with better use of formative assessments and inquiry learning in science and math. There is an increasing demand on teachers' performance. Understanding how students learn is an integral piece to accomplishing our goals in teaching.