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Incorporating clickers into the high school English classroom to improve grammar application to writing

by Darras, Brittni Louise


It is important that students are able to apply grammar knowledge to writing. Traditionally, students have gained grammar knowledge by working out of workbooks, but the majority of students fail to apply the gained grammar knowledge to their writing. My research aims to close this gap. Hoping that students would be more engaged and willing to learn grammar through technology, I created grammar lessons that my sophomore class could interact with using Classroom Response System (also known as clickers). The six lessons addressed correct usage of the dash, colon, semi-colon, parallel structure, complete sentences, and active voice. Each lesson contained identification and application questions. Prior to and following the clicker lessons, I collected various forms of data to measure progress. Quantitative data includes a grammar pre-test and post-test. Qualitative data includes pre-writing and post-writing samples. I also administered an open-ended survey in which each student responded about the clicker lessons after the project was complete. My results show that minus a couple of exceptions, participating in the clicker lessons did result in an increase in grammar knowledge. Also, the majority of students were able to correctly apply this grammar knowledge in their post-writing sample. The findings from this study can be used to encourage other English educators to find ways to implement technology in their classrooms as well.


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