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Finding one’s place in the complicated world of adventure : a cross-media analysis of the individual’s position in the Tintin comics Les 7 boules de cristal and Le temple du soleil and the videogame Shadow of the colossus

by Collette, Greg Edward


Through a cross-media analysis of Les 7 Boules de Cristal and Le Temple du Soleil, a two-part story in the Belgian comic series Les Aventures de Tintin and the videogame Shadow of the Colossus, this thesis will argue that these works manipulate fundamental elements of their medium to intertwine introspection into the action-oriented tales. The works achieve this duality in positioning the individual in both a distant and close relationship to their diegesis. In expressing to the individual the fictional world, while simultaneously implicating him or her within it, these works place the individual in the role of spectator and participant. While the works constantly shift emphasis from one to the other, the individual is always both. The works do not champion one over the other; instead they reveal that both introspection and exploration are not antithetical but complementary. Without one, understanding of the other remains incomplete.


Includes bibliographical references.

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Comparative Literature
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