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Laptop use in the classroom : a cost/benefit analysis based on participation

by Vargas, Matthew Voyta


The College classroom environment has changed since the advent of the personal computers. More and more students are frequently bringing their laptops into the classroom at colleges around the country. While those students bring their laptops to the classroom, instructors’ perceptions of laptop use continue to change. Therefore, the issue of this generation is whether or not students understand their own perceptions of the costs and benefits of laptop use given the costs of diminishment of learning in the classroom and the benefits of improved learning through software and programs on the laptop. The purpose of this thesis was to determine whether or not students whom bring their laptop to the classroom understand if their use of laptops are improving or diminishing their learning experience based on participation. This research surveyed six classes in the Economics Department during Block Three of the 2011-2012 Colorado College school year. The survey information was then be used for regression analysis in order to determine dependent variable impact on the independent variables: LISTEN, ASKQUES, ANSQUES, and DISCUSS.


Includes bibliographical references.

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