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2006 Colorado College State of the Rockies conference

  • Lasater, Dale, 1943-
  • Macy, Sydney
  • Snape, William J., III
  • Prukop, Joanna
  • Dagget, Dan, 1944-
  • Belille, Jean
  • Schiffer, John C.
  • Fielder, John
  • Palmer, Sally Lentz, 1944-
  • Schendler, Auden
  • Hatfield, Doc
  • Kemmis, Daniel, 1945-
  • Bedford, Charles
  • Mutz, Kathryn M.
  • Pielke, Roger A., 1968-
  • Simmons, Randy T.
  • Pague, Chris
  • Downey, Liam
  • Reuer, Matthew
  • Hatfield, Connie
  • Sher, Anna
  • Pielke, Roger A.
  • Colorado College. State of the Rockies Project
  • Rohter, Brian
  • Jenkinson, Clay
  • Runnels, Bruce
Date Created
Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • English
Topic Geographic
  • conference publication

Program for the Colorado College State of the Rockies Conference held April 10 through April 13, 2006. Includes listings of presentations and speakers: Unveiling of the 2006 State of the Rockies Report Card, by Walter Hecox (CC professor of economics), Bryan Hurlbutt (CC class of 2004), Caitlin O'Brady (CC class of 2005); Land Conservation - Protecting Unique Landscapes and Habitats, with Tass Kelso (CC professor of biology), Jared Kapela (CC class of 2006), Bruce Runnels, Charles Bedford, Chris Pague; Preserving Biodiversity - Addressing Threatened, Endangered, and Invasive Species, with Walter Hecox, Joanna Prukop, Amanda Strauss (CC class of 2006), Randy Simmons, Anna Sher; Ranching in the Rockies - Threats and Signs of Hope, with Jack Wold (CC class of 1975), Andrew Yarbrough (CC class of 2006), Dan Dagget, Doc and Connie Hatfield, Dale Lasater, Brian Rohter, John Schiffer (CC class of 1967); Conservation in Action - Success Stories, with Caitlin O'Brady, John Fielder, Sydney Macy; Environmental Justice - Equally Protecting All Humans and the Environment, with Wade Roberts (CC professor of sociology), Angela Banfill (CC class of 2006), Jean Belille, William Snape III, Liam Downey, Kathryn Mutz, Sally L. Palmer; New Approaches to Governing the Rockies - Can Our Region's Political Voices Be Heard? with Tom Cronin (CC professor of political science), Chris Jackson (CC class of 2006), Daniel Kemmis, Michael Stratton, Sandy Buffett (CC class of 1991); Climate Change - What Happens in a Warmer Rockies, with Matthew Reuer, Gregory Zimmerman (CC class of 2006), Roger A. Pielke Sr., Roger Pielke, Jr., Auden Schendler; Rockies' History Comes Alive - John Wesley Powell Returns, with Anne Hyde (CC professor of history), Clay Jenkinson.



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