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The Capsule sculpture was hung in the atrium of the Colorado College Charles L. Tutt Library in 2014. The medium of the sculpture is welded steel, basketry reeds, and Japanese kozo fiber. The following statement about the piece is by the artist, Erin O'Neill: I was exposed to the art of papermaking in 2013. Immediately taken with this art form, I began experimenting with different ways to make my own paper. Eventually I found a local paper artist, Daria Wilber, who generously showed me the ropes of this medium. Using a Hollander, I beat the bark of Japanese kozo plants into pulp that makes up the underbelly my sculpture. Although this paper is very thin, once it dries it is exceptionally durable. Throughout the past few years of my artistic exploration, I have repeatedly returned to this cocoon-like form. I spent the summer of 2013 working with the CC Grounds Crew, and during this time my awareness of the natural world amplified. I am convinced that it was this work experience in particular that lent itself to my pod-like form. I aspire to live life the same way I observe plants, to soak up the fine details and to heighten the value of my experiences that are often passed off as insignificant or are undervalued.

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